25 January 2009

Known Issue Alert: Avid Media Composer

Just a heads up on the Media Composer front. If you're working on a PC/Windows based Adrenaline system do no repeat DO NOT attach / mount a firewire based drive to your system, even if it is on a separate bus.

Over the last few weeks we have experienced (at random mind you) any one of these results:

1) Software crash of the Avid; looses all changes, corrupts project, have to go to attic.
2) Hardware crash: forced to shut all hardware attached to computer down, switch off power, wait five minutes and turn it all back on.
3) No crash, but renders the audio card of the computer useless.

The solution to this is a huge pain in the ass. Shut down Avid. Switch off the Adrenaline board. Attach drive, etc.

Haven't found this to be a problem with the software-only version so I assume it must be some bug with the hardware?

Just a warning! Oh man, Avid, I didn't I just write you a thank you posting?

10 January 2009

Sequence Summary Report: Thank You Avid!

Among certain circles Avid doesn't have the best rep right now; they've been lacking in both user and hardware support as well as really allowing their product to be out-sold by FCP to a much younger generation (read: the next generation) of editors. BUT they're still kicking, check out their new feature in the Media Composer that could help save you tons of time and money.

Finally they hath put new and useful features into Media Composer! Anyone who has ever worked as an assistant editor or had to bring something through the online themselves knows how wonderful and useful a Sequence Summary Report can be. No more scratching one down by hand!

I've had now the pleasure of using this tool once, and working hand in hand with the Avid consolidation function is a great way to make sure you have everything before you show up to your expensive online session and realize you DON'T have that still image of Joe Stalin with Churchill.

So a very huge thank you to Avid for creating a useful tool! Fix your business plan before you tank so we can keep enjoying your products.

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On a side note: