08 January 2013

RedShark News Exclusive - Digital Bolex interview: 16mm for the 21st Century?

Hi Folks!

I wanted to invite you all to read an article that I wrote about the upcoming Digital Bolex camera.

For those of you who aren't familiar, the Digital Bolex is a 2K RAW cinema camera designed for independent filmmakers.  The camera gathered copious attention on Kickstarter when they raised over $250,000.  The camera aims to hit the market in early 2013, for just over $3,000 (USD).

I spoke with Joe and Elle for over an hour, discussing the history and vision for the Digital Bolex as well as a their vision for the future of high-resolution cinema. 


“When I first heard about the release of the Bolex’s first digital camera, it literally sounded like the opening of a Fairytale:

“Once upon a time, motion picture cameras that created high-quality images were affordable for all filmmakers on any budget. Consumer 8mm and 16mm cameras like the original Bolex shot footage that could be projected on any movie theater screen…  In today’s digital market, ‘affordable’ and ‘consumer’ have become synonymous with ‘low-quality’…”

“It doesn’t have to be that way.” Claimed Joe Rubinstein and Elle Schneider, the heads of Digital Bolex.  In March of 2012, Joe and Elle took over a year's worth of planning (including the production of a film shot with a Digital Bolex prototype) to the masses.  With the consent of Bolex of Switzerland and using the popular crowd-source funding website “KickStarter” they pitched their camera to the world.
[ Read the complete article here: http://www.redsharknews.com/business/item/281-exclusive-digital-bolex-interview-16mm-for-the-21st-century ]
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To learn more about the Digital Bolex, check out their website: http://www.digitalbolex.com

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