30 July 2009

P2 offline workflow in Avid

Found this great tutorial on how to create an offline-online workflow in Avid Media composer for Panasonic P2. It has both a video and a transcription, so watch, listen or read!

25 July 2009

New Final Cut Studio 3!

Apple has released the latest version of Apple Final Cut Studio, including Final Cut Pro 7. Some major enhancements have been made that drive the FCP product towards tapeless (P2, XDCAM, AVCHD, RED) workflows. It's very obvious that this is where Apple will be investing the future of their product.

Among the many new features is (finally!) a free floating time code window. Yet, we have no been given a "print bin" or "bin view settings" options yet. Hmm maybe next time!

I know I will not be the first person to run out and upgrade, particurally due to the heavy system requirements that renders both my PowerPC G5 and Intel MacBook Pro (2.0) begging for upgrades I can't afford! Personally, I was reluctant to go to FCP 6, but after a while the industry demanded that I offer more tapeless support. Let's hope that Apple won't forget about us PowerPC users and keep updating FCP 6 for at least a little while longer!

Well, at least it has a nice shiney new packaging: www.apple.com/finalcutstudio

23 July 2009

WOYP - website updated! Check it out!

Dear Friends of WOYP,

Our new website is up! Please visit and surf around and let us know what you like and what we could improve since we're still working on it. We also have news about the federal Child Nutrition Reauthorization bill as well as an update on the launch of the Angel Family CSA program.
Our Outreach Plan is Growing

"'What's On Your Plate?' is exactly the film we need right now." -Michael Pollan

Thank you to Michael Pollan, author of In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto and The Omnivore's Dilemma for these lovely words about WOYP. We are proud to have created an educational tool which has garnered such favorable attention from one of the leading good food experts.

Sadie and Safiyah

Now, we are scheduling community based screenings of "What's On Your Plate?" for the fall. If you are interested in organizing a community screening, please email us.

In September, we will begin planning educational rentals and sales in school-based settings.

We will keep you all updated on outreach and screening opportunities as we progress.

Our New Website is Fun and Interactive!
See It

"What's On Your Plate?" has a great new website with lots of features including extensive information on the film, outreach methods, and press.

We've added a new feature, Network of Friends. This is a list of organizations, referenced by state and city, which are working on the same issues raised in the film. We want you to be able to find each other and network amongst yourselves. Sign your organization up today! Encourage other groups you know to join too and then we can all find each other. That's what FRIENDS are for!


Also check back for two exciting new web games, a gallery of user-generated content and other fun features. All coming soon!

13 July 2009

PRESSURE COOKER in Seattle tomorrow!

PRESSURE COOKER in Seattle tomorrow!

Thursday, July 9, 2009 at 7:51pm
PRESSURE COOKER will open at the Northwest Film Forum tomorrow. Don't miss it!


04 July 2009

PRESSURE COOKER @ Pittsfield, MA & Oklahoma City

If you still haven't seen PRESSURE COOKER it is playing now at the below theaters--don't miss it!

Little Cinema
Pittsfield, MA

Oklahoma City Museum of Art
Oklahoma City, OK

02 July 2009

Editing Short Film: The Hidden Track

Ron Moreno has offered me the job of cutting his latest short film "The Hidden Track," and I have accepted with great enthusiasm!

Hidden Track was shot in L.A. on the Sony EX-1. We will be moving forward with a Final Cut Pro production workflow. More to come!

Keif Roberts New Documentary

Friend and talented filmmaker Keif Roberts has begun producing a documentary about anxiety disorders in the United States.

Yesterday I had the privilege to shoot an interview for him on high definition. Our subject was Dr. Henry Lothane, M.D., a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Cognitive-emotional therapist.


Keif's demo reel can be seen on Vimeo.

01 July 2009


I contacted the Gee Broadcast Company about their non-linear editing product "LightWorks" recently and they not only provided me with a slew of amazing documentation, but a fully functioning version of their software-only version entitled "SoftWorks."

Over the next couple weeks I'm going to comparing various tasks in LightWorks to FCP and Avid in order to gather a better understanding of this seemingly alien software. It's only a thirty-day trial, so we'll see what we can learn!

LightWorks is planned to be integrated into the DOTUS assistant editor's workshop.