16 April 2009

New Media 100 Systems

Although I've only used one of these systems a long, long time ago, Media 100 is (almost surprisingly) still around and updating.

Paging through the new features, I found that Media 100 now supports the Final Cut XML Interchange. Meaning your M100 projects can now not only interact with FCP but also any of the Studio Applications (read: DVD Studio, Motion, Shake, etc.).

For what it's worth: Bravo Media 100. I see this as a great move on the part of Media 100, if only to keep their already fringe product. The greater implication here is a movement towards a platform free editing world. Imagine a workplace in which editors can use what ever _interface_ they want whilst not having tied the hands of the entire project / series work flow? Possibly a world in which your assistant (who's young and eagerly obsessed with Final Cut Pro) can log, capture and string out on their trendy new MacBook and hand over a drive and project full compatible with your beloved Avid Media Composer? It would bring back a world in which media was media. No matter where I started I can always toss my "reels" on your edit system and make last minute changes before the online.

Would this not solve so many issues having native compatibility (no more over priced Automatic Duck / 3rd party solutions that limit this feature to the privilaged) but opens the possiblity of workflows we've yet to imagine.

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