29 September 2009

The Editor Updates :: Photoshop

Last night I struggled with my first major glitch in the upgrade.  My ancient copy of Adobe Photoshop CS refuses to run on Snow Leopard.  I take that back, it almost runs.  It will fool you well, launching as normal, even letting you create a new file and edit for a bit.  After enough usage of the font face tool you will find that your screen(s) will turn bright blue and all your current applications will close.  I assume this is the experience of Rossetta crashing.  Hurm... a Mac version of the Blue Screen of death?! No, your Finder will return shortly, and the system recovers itself nicely.  The down side is, more money will need to be invested into this upgrade.
Since photoshop is $700 application (the $299 upgrade I believe only applies to CS2 and above but this will require some more investigation), it might be worth the extra $400 to grab the production bundle (which includes the latest After Effects, Illustrator and Flash software... oh yeah and those other editors I'll never use... what was it call.. oh yeah Premiere).  I should eat my words though.  I've heard some fantastic things about Premiere CS4, including the script/transcript sync.
Back to Photoshop.  I also took a stab at using my friend's copy of CS2, which resulted in the same failure as CS.  Does anyone have any experience with CS3?  I've heard many conflicting reports and would be interested in people's first hand experience.
There are some freeware alternatives to Photoshop which I used last night to accomplish some basic titling tasks.  I found that several of the programs were fantastic, but my 11 years of photoshop use has rendered my ability to migrate difficult and a bit frustrating.

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