04 October 2009

The Editor Updates :: After Effects

As you all know, we currently had very bad luck with installing Photoshop CS and CS2.  I'm currently waiting on my current employer to extend their licenses for their production suite so I can get some extra work for them (read: so I can open Photoshop without crashing my computer).

I have installed After Effects CS3 and had o.k. luck with it.  It operates in the same way that 6.0 did :: it works, just really unstable when preforming particular featuers (such as frame paint).  I'm going to see if I need to upgrade the current version of CS3, or if Adobe is just telling everyone to go to CS4.

I'll try to nail down some of these issues in more detail as AFX works comes rolling in. It is a little difficult to isolate the issues whilst just playing around.

That being said, I have yet to experience the system-wide crash caused by Photoshop.

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