11 May 2009

A Transparent Mind: Update!

Paul Docherty and I met over the weekend and began construction our physical effects for our short film "A Transparent Mind."

Paul suggested to me that we use a type of insulation foam, and cut out the individual letters and eventually hang them on strings. A sort of puppeteer version of type-setting. Isn't that cool?

I selected a rounded bold font, one that Paul and I agreed would be easy to read as additional elements on screen, as well as something that was practical to build (i.e. Sans Serif!).
Paul printed large 6" letters, all matching a particular scale (this will most likely affect lens choice during the effect shoot).

We stenciled the letters by putting charcoal on the back of the print outs and outlining them atop the foam.

Then Paul, using the hotwire machine carved out the letters.

We created over 50 characters in this first step. Next will be the creation of additional characters to aid in completing words, followed by a light sanding and paint job.

Thanks for the hard work Paul!

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