28 May 2009

Pressure Cooker Opening Night

Sat in a wonderfully packed IFC theatre last night to watch the 7:45pm show of Pressure Cooker. Jen and Mark offered a Q&A session along with three of the principle subjects of the film. It was the first time I had seen the entire completed film and it was lovely to see the fruit of everyone's labours.

Opened NYC: 27 May @ IFC Center
Opens in LA: 5th of June @ Laemmle's Sunset 5
Opens Philly: 12th of June @ Landmark's Ritz at the Bourse

Not to sound too much like a plug but I honestly encourage everyone to go see this film. Michael Lerman of INDIEWIRE said it best: "It's hard to beat the humanity of ... Pressure Cooker " In the final scenes we sit watching, waiting, rooting and hoping for the hard working culinary students of Frankford High as they await the ever-important scholarship decisions. Even having already seen all the raw footage, I still found a knot in my stomach equal to that of any parent sitting in that room; thinking "please, please, please, please!"

After the screening and Q&A there was a fun get-together at the nearby "Cabrito" restaurant. Good times and strong Margiritias were enjoyed by all. So great to see everyone again!

Pressure Cooker: Check it out people!

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