09 June 2009

Ela Thier's Open Letter From A Female Director

I took a wonderful screenwriting seminar with Ela, who recently has begun her own expedition towards writing, directing and producing her own first feature film:
Dear writers and filmmakers,
The letter I'm attaching here is not the most important one i'll ever write, but it feels like the most important letter that I've written to date.

I spent many hours on it, and wrote as truthfully and personally as I could. With it in mind that this letter means so much to me, I ask you to please forgive the length and take a few moments to read it to the end.

I'm attaching it to this email, or you can view it at:

If you are willing to share this letter with your circles: be it a shout-out to a

with love and appreciation,
facegroup list/s, embedding the link in your page, or sending it to particular individuals that you think would appreciate the read and maybe even answer its call, I would be eternally grateful.

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